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How We Got Started

In 2008, before the arrival of MOC's youngest daughter he knew his paycheck could not cover all of his expenses plus the expenses that come with a baby.  MOC knew he had to act fast to stay afloat.  So after being denied a raise at his current job and not finding a second job fast enough MOC did the only other thing he knew to do, sell.  But what, was the question... Till it came to him.  MOC loved music from an early age and knew his way around a turntable so he put his skills to the test.  He began to DJ and mix local participating artist's music and selling them on the street as new music mixtapes under the name of DJ MOC.  Promoting new artist music while at the same time making a dollar.  In 2009 he started MOC Entertainment.  MOC Entertainment started as an audio / video production company later becoming a multimedia company that offers advertising and promotion to artists and local companies to market their services and goods; specifically targeting a particular audiences. Later advertising by distribution media, T-shirts, flyers, posters, and via entertainment venues.

After feeling the pinch of the recession MOC took to the streets of Houston again in late 2014.  This time with a new product, street fashions.  After years of meeting with artist, entertainers, business men and customers MOC noticed one common interest, sports.  In 2015 MOC, with help of his family, opened the MOC Entertainment store inside the White Elephant Flea Market on the Eastside of Houston, Texas.  Quickly becoming a one stop shop for music CDs, music videos DVDs, street fashions, sports apparel and accessories. MOC then launched the Official www.MOCEntertainment.com online store while selling under numerous catchy website names such as, H-TownSports.com, HTownShirts.com, PuroPincheTexans.com, PuroPincheAstros.com, PuroPincheRockets.com, SuperBown713.com and yes PuroPincheCowboys.com. Shortly after MOC opened a second store inside the Pasadena Indoor Flea Market in the heart of Pasadena, Texas.  MOC Entertainment products and services are in such high demand that in 2017 MOC began offering free delivery service to all customer in and around the Houston area.

Through a combination of hard work, sound instincts and incredible passion, MOC was able to grow his business from the trunk of his car to a premier online store that uniquely melds music, sports and the H-Town Life style.

As MOC Entertainment moves forward, we will never forget where it started; the loving and supporting streets of Houston.  MOC Entertainment is rooted in family values, focused on genuine relationships, and the simple belief that with God's blessing the future is what we make it.